Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Top Five 'Betic (& not) June Deals

#1. MEDCO.

MHS10, tenoff,MHS20,10off, gets you $10 (or $20 off) your purchase of $10+. New accounts only. Shipping is only .99, so you can get a boatload of cheap glucose tablets. Or whatsoever else your heart desires. And if Medco allows it, you can use another code for another cheap order. (its very YMMV with these codes)

#2. Nationwide FREE a1c test, courtesy of CVS pharmacy. This is pretty awesome for the uninsured/underinsured folks out there, it raises some level of awareness that something might need changing. And you can do it anytime,at any Minute Clinic CVS pharmacy. As luck would have it, Massachusetts,Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are the only four non-participating states,and of course, I live in one of those states. Way to go, CVS!

#3 FREE tree(in your honor) planted.(when you vote for your favorite national park)Because generating a small city's worth of medical waste(yearly) should be offset somehow.

#4 Friendly's FREE ICE CREAM,Sat. June 5 (12 pm-5 pm) Just in time to ruin my a1c.(just kidding,it is what it is,and a serving of ice cream will not change that)

#5 FREE admission to any museum, Sat. Sept. 25,2010.(must preregister) It has nothing to do with diabetes,unless you're visiting a urological museum...but it's a good deal!


k2 said...

Awesome info - thanks for posting!!!
kelly k

Rachel said...

You forgot about the fun of free donuts at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts today. ;)