Wednesday, June 10, 2009


...minutes ago, I found out I'm gonna be an aunt(twice more), family drama explodes once again in the case of my two younger brothers(gf's delivering right about the same time). I don't know if it's proper to feel joy when 1 relationship is over, and 1 could do the same and I'll never get to see the kids much less be a part of their lives.Proceed with extreme caution.

...seconds ago, I realized that the five diet cokes I've drunk today probably contributed to the up-up-up line of my cgm.(too much caffeine)

...pounds ago, I did not use as much insulin as I do currently.

...thunderstorms ago, the world was a much browner, uglier place. Now, its a veritable rainforrest.

...twitters ago, I was talking about a security system rep racing toward his car to avoid the deluge! posts ago,was a poem celebrating my love of the lipid.

...months ago, I cheered on Michael Phelps racing for his golds as my gut simultaneously shut down and my electrolytes went on a joyride.

...years ago today, I got new eyes. A piece about the experience was published in the Reflections section ( May 2001 issue of Diabetes Forecast), the experience convinced me that I'd rather be run over by a Mack truck then to ever be blind again. It is true that you never know how much you appreciate something until you don't have it anymore. Good solid lenses, that should last a lifetime(thus far, no disintegration or clouding over issues)it was both the best thing that ever happened to me(fixed the nearsightedness issue)and the worst thing. I am grateful every day that I can see.

The tenth will always be an epic milestone, in my D-journey.


Cherise said...

Awesome post!!!!!!!! Your rock!

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a fun post!

What do you think it is about Diet Coke that spikes you? I've not payed close enough attention to whether or not it affects me - but maybe I need to! Please, more details!

type1emt said...

I think it's the caffeine in the excess of over 100 mg..1 or 2 in a day doesn't do anything.I really need to track it better,all I know is when I drink caffenated beverages all day it has a cumulative effect and my bgs creep up. More experimentation needed..

Jim said...

I went back and read that earlier post about your eye surgeries. Amazing! And very interesting to me, since I'm a Type 2 diabetic, dealing with some diabetic retinopathy/macular edema. Best wishes to you.