Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend: Wrapped

1. Returned study pump...impression, not worth a plugged nickel. Assuming it was the polypeptide medication. Study doc and researcher are now in a quandary over whether or not that part of the study needs to be repeated,(because of strep) if in four weeks my insulin requirements vary greatly from what they have this week I will have to repeat it. That's two more Boost tests, and another gallon of blood leached. The blood leaching might conceivably improve my a1c, if it weren't for the over 500 for two more days factor. Can't see how that is going to improve anything. I hate being over 500,it feels so yucky and icky and horrible. Apparently, I'm not alone in the "over 500" category, one guy actually went up to 650. (their meters read up to 850) I also think I'd like more compensation if I'm going to have to do this again.(there's the cost of gas, and the $4 tunnel toll) I don't want to mess up their study and they have to find someone else but I also hope they'll be understanding of the inconvenience of putting oneself through two more times of utter D-heck for this.

2. New Niece! hopefully it works out for bro and girlfriend, both the mom & infant are doing fine... my parents went down and saw them Sat.afternoon.(baby was born on Friday)

3. Other then that, and the never-ending abysmal rain, I really need to get back to the gym, seeing the depressing average on my meter makes me think it will take some pretty major watching the preprandials,postprandials,and everything else to even do damage control on my next a1c. Team Type 1 will be rolling into MD at the end of the week,and that will be marginally exciting. Hopefully inspire me toward more exercise.

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