Friday, June 05, 2009

Five More Products to Rock Out Your D-Life

#1 Spi-Belt.Available from here, or from numerous places on the 'net. I got mine from Healthy Outcomes rewards. They're quite handy, to slip a pump,cgm,glucose or anything else you may need to keep close to your body.

#2 The glucagon training kit. Got some at a diabetes conference last summer. If you're in need of one, email me/or Eli Lilly/ or Twitter me(JDRFQUEEN) and I'll give you one. It's invaluable, it lets a needle-phobic person learn how to give a glucagon shot without any pain/actual needle involved.

#3 The A1c Now Inview. This is cool-and a very tempting product, to NEVER go to the endocrinologist's again.(I will though,I'm not quite that bad) An instant a1c without going to the doc! Or if you don't have medical insurance,can't afford a doc/cde visit, it is better then nothing.
#4 A diabetes health journal. Typically, any CVS/RiteAid type store will have these, or you can order online. These are kind of neat, because they have D-tips,places to record your bgs,and just general thoughts (diabetes related or otherwise).It's not just a plain "journal." A semi-expensive($10-$15) way to vent,but sometimes its worth it.

#5 The Glucose Grab.

This looks like a handy little product to both stash emergency glucose in, AND alert the world that you have diabetes.(in case you pass out,perhaps they'll get the general idea to stuff you with sugar)As of yet, I don't have one, but I want to get one.


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh man, Heidi. I would love a home A1C test that I could trust.
Over the last couple of years I have tried 3 differenc ones, used on the same day that I went to the lab. All were off by at least 1.4%. One was off by 2.5%.
Hopefully, they will keep improving it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

You've found some great stuff there Heidi! I would totally love a practice glucagon kit for my family...

type1emt said...

The one I used was off by .5.Which was kind of fine by me,as it was higher then the actual a1c. But 2.5%-yikes,there is no reason to even buy those!perhaps these newer ones will be more accurate.

Scott- email me ( your sm address, and I'll send you one!