Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Top of Mount Everest

Today, I'm going to talk about Mt.Everest. Apologies if you were expecting an earth-shattering post about CGMS, pumps and polypeptide hormones.(today) I'll be getting to that.(if you want earth-shaking, may I recommend Southern California)

I'm not a big fan of heights, mountains, or the Disney Ride. But my diabetes loves it.

This is today's reading, reaching its lovely 538 mg/dl peak about 11:30 am. (From 114 initially) Not surprisingly, from the 100 carb Boost-Fest with no bolus allowed(except for basal). Fortuantly, I was allowed to correct 15 min after that, and fortunately, it didn't go over 600. That would have been even more of a pain. I will just point out some mountain climbing, bg similarities.

-Going down is easier then coming up. MUCH easier.

-Hydration is important. Diet Coke and water are your best friends. They will save you from certain disaster.

-Mountain Climbing isn't fun. Unless you're a masochist, and feeling tired,cranky, and incredibly thirsty is really your thing.

-Everything looks different from the top. It's like being in a brain fog, if not a natural one.

-Don't do it alone. Call someone, buddy up. The mountain will kick your Gluteus Maximus faster then you can say "Leaping Lows!" In mountain climbing, as in life with diabetes, you need friends to help you out sometimes.

More to come..

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Scott K. Johnson said...

BG mountain peaks truly suck. Truly.