Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last of the Type 1's

I've done the guinea pig thing before. It was an intensive, grueling experience; not for those who love A. their sleep or B. their (real, or illusion) state of being in control. Because in diabetes research, your goals are not their goals and vice versa. You sign your rights over to them, going into it you realize ADA type control will not likely be your lot because they tend to have an un-natural fear of anything under 100, trying to keep you more like 180. For a brief period, you just accept it and move on. (you don't have any choice about it sometimes)

The last study I did, I experienced the joys of the Medtronic CGM for the very first time. I hated it, it was off from the One Touch Ultra and the hospital meters by 50 (mostly 70-100) points at all times. NO amount of calibration could make it come back into line. But it was beyond coolness, to be able to see your blood sugar info without testing. So while I played with it(I sure hope they've improved the accessibility of it, because it was good and confusing) the endo fumed with minuscule doses and five minute blood tests. The CGM, was not very useful during the process, so it was largely ignored. (why they even incorporated it into the protocol beats me)

Fastforward almost 2 years later. The CGM I use(Dexcom) is pretty accurate, most of the time. Another research study is in the works, with the "guinea pig" aspect of it for real, with a non-FDA approved substance. Apparently, it hasn't killed/maimed/had any side effects in rats, or of any of the other 9 type 1's to have tried it.(it is a substance produced by the pancreas) Said CGM, will be instrumental in determining whether the stuff really works. I'm both nervous and excited, I've never done anything of this nature. I realize this is something most type 1's would NOT do,its still experimental but to me,I'm a sucker for research studies. And this one, will be pretty weird. (I'm the last person to have to complete the study,before they analyze the results/reproduce on a larger scale-hence, the "Last of the Type 1's" post title.) Hopefully,I won't be the one fatality.
Further details next week.

(when it all starts, bright and early Tuesday morning)


CookinsForMe said...

You're a brave one. I wish you luck and look forward to reading about the study!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I enjoy being a part of research studies too. Often times to get to be a part of some really cool stuff.

Keep us posted if you are able (as in, not restricted by agreements of the study, etc.).

BTW - your package arrived today! Thanks!