Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Penny Saved & A Dollar Earned

(Size 8 shoe for length comparison)
My receipt, post coupons and CVS extrabucks printed out.(I'm one of those crazy coupon people you would rather not get behind)
Initial cost: $188.50
Final Cost: $21.48
(received $21.49 back in more extrabucks so I saved a penny on what I spent)
The cashier then proceeded to pay me the highest form of flattery there is...

"I want to be just like you with the coupons and stuff when I grow up!"

Far from making me feel old, it made me feel on-top-of-the-world-awesome. I'll treasure that compliment for the rest of the month.


Cara said...

Cool! I wanna be like you too! I did go into Walgreen's once and get about $45 worth of stuff for $16. But I still can't beat you. Great job.

uwan said...

well....that's good news....and good for the pocket, thanks

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us where you got all those coupons to get a free pair of shoes -

type1emt said...

Fleabay. lol