Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Insulin Machine

About six years ago, I went through a patch of being resistant to all forms of injected, snorted(j/k), pumped, forms of insulin administration. Lived in the 300-500's, double-triple-quadruple-checked EVERYTHING, no even injected insulin could bring my blood sugars down. Average TDD during this time: in the 60's. Back then, that was about double of what I took.

Happy days are here again, I've changed my sets,cartridges, lines, insulin vials, taken injections, checked the pump, doubled basals...and yet my average blood sugar remains at a level that you'd probably rather not read about. Constant ketones in the urine. Getting up three times a night to take shots.(and do other things) At this point, when not even injections are working trusting one's pump is not an option.

And I'm not sick. Nor are hormones in the picture. Last time, my endo said that stress could absolutely do all that but this just started this week. Yes, I'm stressed(final exams are two days away) but I'd have thought that would have started several weeks ago..

For occasions such as this, I will be consulting my endo. Because it doesn't look like I'm any closer to solving this thing.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage!

I hope you figure it out and get back to feeling good soon!

Cara said...

I am having the SAME problem. In fact, getting ready to blog about it myself. My CGMS is waking my up 2 or 3 times per night to correct for highs. It's driving me crazy.

Minnesota Nice said...

Those little db imps are hiding in the shadows, not brave enough to come out and show themselves.
Stay the course, Heidi. Better days will come. Good luck on the exams.

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Hope the endo can figure it out. Maybe he will add Metformin or Symlin to your regimen? I don't think just pumping in more and more insulin would be the solution. Endo should be able to think of something. I would imagine you feel like crap walking around with those sugars. Not fun!

uwan said...

I hope you have nice day....and can relief the stress......diabetes getting worst cause stress....god luck