Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Morning at the Educator

Went to D-education today(due to needing some majoro help) and the educator wanted to play around with my Ping, because they rarely see those. So I handed it over and she zapped it up to her glucose meter-pump-educator system.
Reviewed my written records, and then called downstairs to my endo, who was in-between patients and who I haven't seen since an early September hospital admission and who I won't see till Feb. because she is so backed up. That's ok by me, as I know that they'll always get back to me if I've got a problem. I guess that D-educators here, even if they are RN's, cannot make basal or bolus changes without the endo's blessing. (whereas, at my former endo's, they could make small ones) The endo came upstairs and made some very radical changes to my basal rates and in retrospect, I'm glad she was the one to do it. I wouldn't have dared, nor would I have wanted the educator to do it.(they were that severe)
So its back to wait and see. I've officially decided to christen my ping pump "The Green Hornet" because insulin goes in so insanely fast that its like being stung.
Got the official training Sunday(yeah, I could do it myself but had no desire to spend hours leafing through the manuals), and so far, I really do like it.

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