Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Cats, Trees, and Pancreases

I promise that the huge, ugly header will not be up there forever...just for the holiday season. Just wanted to show off the cats. (the humongous one is Jack, and his smaller (brother) is Cozmo. Not named for my pump, he was born in 2001.(before there was such a thing as Deltec Cozmo)

what if...you were 1/2 people (known of) born with no pancreas? Like this little boy? I really don't have much to complain about, half a pancreas is better then none.(at least you don't have to take digestive enzymes). I feel bad for all the parents of diabetic kids but because this is so exceedingly rare he may not live to grow up. (its not just diabetes) It takes a tough person to be strong for your sick kid.


asskeeper said...

Get a dog it won't hide behind the christmas tree like cozmo does.
LOL. Wait we have on cat she isn't that bad and keeps the mice at bay.

type1emt said...

it would have to be small dog, otherwise he/she'd eat the cats. lol