Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Highest Low

This morning, as I awoke, sopped in sweat, heart racing and jittering to the tune of a Merry Christmas Eve hypo, I thought I'd better check first. (something I rarely do)

303 mg/dl

I treated anyway, said strips were obviously wrong. 2 hours later, I awoke again, and checked:

225 mg/dl

At that point, I thought I'd better check on another meter, with differant strips. As luck would have it-I DIDN'T pack another meter.(why am I so stupid as to think nothing will ever go wrong? whatever you don't pack, that you will need)

different strips...

215 mg/dl

So off we went to CVS, where I bought a One Touch Mini.(but what else are you going to do-the meter has issues) There is nothing more psyche damaging then buying a meter when you've got 20+ of them at home. At least this CVS had a coupon scanner + a couple of aisles of alcoholic beverages(something that is a rare/zero sight on the East Coast)


(and yes, I forgot my ping meter.Where is my brain these days??? I think I left it 4,000 miles away. Called Lifescan, and they're FedExing another Ultra/strips but I wouldn't be able to get through this vacation without a reliable meter)

Have a very merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Ug, sorry to hear about that. Sounds like you're working your way through it, which is good even though it sucks - know what I mean?