Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Secrets of the (Perfect) A1C Revealed

I've got this nagging feeling that I have, at some (extremily distant)moment in the past, already posted this but I can't find it in the draft box- so I'll just do it again.

How to Find Your Dream Hba1c:
(shamelessly stolen from Reality Check)

1. Think of a number between 1-10.

2. Add 80. (What your endo charges for a 5 minute consultation)

3. Multiply by 25. (How long you've had to wait for that 5 minute consultation)

4. Add 5 if you've already had your D day this year(D-day, day you were diagnosed) or 4 if it's still to come. (The time of the year you were diagnosed affects your does Jupitors position in the southern sky in relation to the the constellation depicting the Norse Thunder god)

5. Take away the year you were diagnosed. (For determining the style of torture-er-treatment you were subjected to, in the early years of your D)

6. Add 160. (Cost of 2 bottles Novolog-if you go to the cheapo pharmacy..)

7. Take away the number of full years you've had D. (Either very important or completely irrelevant when it comes to working out your chance of complications, depending on who you talk to)

8. Divide by 5. (How far away the cure was, when you were first diagnosed)

9. Take away 4. (The average number of injections the standard pen/injection user goes through each day)

10. Divide by 5. (How far away the cure STILL is...)

11. Take away the number you first thought of. (Because there are some tasks that make no sense, but you still have to do them)

And please post your results..
(My dream a1c=5.4, a number I'll likely never see)


Kassie said...

lol, 5.5, totally beyond my range ;)

Megan said...


Same as my last a1c.

type1emt said...

wow, Megan-that's not just a "wish" for you then..

Allison said...

Mine was 5.5 too. I think I'll start with the 6s and work my way down... last one was 7.3.

Melissa said...

Me, too at 5.5
Don't think I will ever see that number :)

MileMasterSarah said...

5.5, and I have never ever had an a1c that good. I doubt I ever will.

Bernard said...

I got 5.5 also. I think the lowest I've ever been is about 6.7.

Last one was 7.7.

Scott K. Johnson said...

5.7 - a dream number.

You guys sure had a lot of 5.5's!!!

That was fun though!

LJK said...

I'm reading your entire blog.. my result was 5.54!