Friday, February 09, 2007

Today is not Your Day

(and tomarrow isn't looking very hopeful, either!)

I am so over trying to be helpful, it just gets me in trouble. Reps(reputation points) down on Slickdeals- + nasty comments from a coworker(after I'd worked hard 6 hours, finally getting all the old orders out) and when I got to do an easy order...about "cherry picking." Thanks, folks, I love ya too. No, I will not be volunteering for 5 hours of similar bliss on Sat. morning. Just seems like everything I've done lately, has come back completely screwed up(and would have been better if I hadn't gotten involved)

And my diabetes doesn't take to "being fixed" either...
this morning, further attempts to figure out the (Morning) Continuous Hypo Saga(w/out going high) weren't overly
1:52 pm-312
4:23 pm-286
6:08 pm- 167
10: 29 pm- 89
This morning, I'd cut the basal down to 0.2 between 6am-1 pm, which prevented me from the 8:30 hypo- so, I'd put a temp rate of 0.0 from 10-11 am, trying to prevent any pre-lunch hypos as well. I'm pretty sensitive during this time. Well, that was obviously a bad idea, promptly skyrocketed to 228 so I bolused 1 unit and continued the 0.0 rate, continuing to be cautious. I dropped 80 points on that, about twice as much as I had expected(I'm glad I was cautious). Conservativly bolused for lunch(not enough), had to correct at 4:30. Supper was late(went out to eat, restaurunt was busy) and though the SWAG bolus was obviously enough, I still have a unit of insulin floating around so I'll have to put on a 2 hour temp rate(0.0) and check at least once tonight(overnight basil needs tweaking down as well) to make sure I don't get low.
I really wish this were easier. With a $5,000 pump- it should be!


Scott K. Johnson said...

It is tough trying to figure out what to change, and how far to change it.

One of my friends says "There is no equals sign in diabetes". Meaning the math is not always math. If it were, we could figure it out.

Trust your intuitions, test often, learn from what you see, and don't be hard on yourself.

Focus on progress not perfection. You can do it! And even if it is just one little step in the right direction, that's one step farther away from the wrong direction!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Heidi - I totally love my pump and if anyone tried to take it from me I might just murder them. However life with D gets marginally less difficult. The diabetic's decision involvement remains very high, but our level of SUCCESS increases phenomenally. Sorry you had a tough day. These days just cannot be totally avoided since so much about how diabetes works is still not understood! We can only keep trying. The succes we DO achieve IS good enough - keep that in mind!

Anonymous said...

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