Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Gray Ribbon

Found this poem on CWD, and there doesn't seem to be any copyrights on it( it was written by a kid). Anyway, it got me all choked up, tearyeyed, and all of that. It deserved a spot on the JDRF crosstitch. Said cross stitch is nowhere near completion, I wanted to put all three pumps/2007 calander/other things and a border around it, the only other thing I've done so far is the outline of a pump. I use a computer program(PC Stitch) to put the picture on a pattern and then print it out- I'm way too dumb to not plan it all out before hand. Free-Stitching is not a good idea, when you're doing counted cross stitch. I have ruined many a piece doing that. (yanking/cutting threads out repeatidly gives it a worn look)
It (hopefully) will look better, once I complete, wash, iron, and frame the thing. (doesn't look like much now)
There probably will be a cure, by the time I get this thing finished.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - that is a pretty special little piece there isn't it!

Julia said...

That is cool!

I love cross stitch, although I haven't done it in ages.