Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pizza for V-Day

(No, this isn't a romantic post. Not even close..sigh. So if you were expecting one, I apologize.)

My car sat in the driveway, encased in two solid inches of sheetrock ice. This wouldn't be so bad if the temperature were higher...but at 10 degrees, any water I might use to thaw things out would likely freeze, not melt, the ice.
One lovely, frozen blob.
I didn't have 2 hours to make a decision, I had exactly one hour to make it to work, and the state of the roads were likely trecherous anyway. So I bundled up, slipped on my bright green(hidiously ugly) safety vest, and waddled out for the early morning workout. The roads were just as bad as I'd assumed they'd be.
30 minutes later, I arrived at work, sweating profusely despite the frigid temperatures. About 50 other people made it in...this out of 800. Much to my dissapointment, the walk didn't budge my high bg one iota so I still had to bolus extra.
Ah, work. They've only closed their doors once in 22 years of operation, and that only because the state police came in and made them do it. (there was 2 feet of water outside) State of emergencies hardly matter to them.
Anyway, they gave us a big pizza party at lunch...for being such dedicated little employees, and that was good. Almost made it worth it.
Coworker gave me a ride home, so I didn't have to walk back. Went to work on my car, discovered that the state inspection expired in Jan. (I probably wouldn't have noticed that till March, otherwise), freaked a bit, but because the vast majority of my vehicle is still covered in ice, I doubt the cops will notice(and I can get it taken care of quickly).
Happy V-day,everyone.

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Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for pity sake!
I hate ice a thousand times more than I hate cold and snow, probably because of my ankle fracture.
At least you got a free lunch.