Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Up and Down

This hasn't been a good week.
Yesterday, my check bounced the bank, I had to take out a cash advance(on my rent), and the endo's office called me to reschedule a much-needed appointment. My landlady informed me that I'm "breaking" the lease(by not mowing every week) and I'd better shore things up (or July will be Moving Month). I dropped my pump on the concrete floor(at work), its amazing it didn't crack/chip/blow up. And I had another exotic low at work, caught it though. I do not like these new low symptoms. (weakness in legs) I have a mountain of dirty laundry, but haven't had time to visit the laudrymat(along with everything else). And there is nothing to eat in the refridgerator, as I burned the pot of goulash(i.e., a little bit of everything) yesterday evening.
the blood glucoses are really, really stable. That's one good thing. Have only had 1-2 numbers over 200, and two lows since Sunday. Which, for me, is amazing. Usually, when I'm stressed to the skies, bgs follow suit.
More amazing numbers to follow, as I slave over my lawn tonight! My brother has loaned me his mower, but I don't have a weedeater(so I'll either have to pull them out, or use scissors).


Caro said...

Cutting the lawn with scissors?! I'd laugh at the image if I wasn't a little bit afraid that you may be serious... your landlady sounds harsh.

I'm wondering if you have stolen my blood glucoses. I'm not stressed at all, yet I'm in a mess ;-p

type1emt said...

I'm going to invest in a weedwhacker this more scissors for me.(yes,I was serious)
Caro,you take my stress and I'll gladly give you back your blood glucoses.(lol)

Anonymous said...

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