Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Bargains

I'm a bargain hunter-I'll shop for anything. And in this rural community, some of the biggest events of the summer are the town yard sales. There are two of them that everyone (and their cousins) comes to, one was held last weekend, and the next will be held the 2nd weekend in June. I am fortuanate enough to live (now) right smack dab on what will be the busiest street in town, come June 9.
Bicycles, trucks, cars, vans, rollarblades, wagons, buggies, and go-carts will converge on this little piece of nowhere. Hispanics, Russians, Old Order Mennonites, West Va Hillbillies- the air will abuzz with a hundred clashing dialects not soon revisited on any other part of this country.(to my knowledge)
Borrowed a large slab of wood from my folks, that will be one of my main set-up tables. Still need to get some smaller card tables. My mom and I will take turns manning it( one shops for more junk, the other watches).
I got alot of deals on Saturday...
2 NIP zip disks
3 new Home Interior candles
decent pair of steel toed working boots
NIP shoelaces
dry erase (calander)
a Lego building table( which I'll either resell on Ebay, or give as a gift)
cute frog desk organizer
craft stuff
set of 4 quilted placemats
a Pegasus t-shirt
several cassettes
jar of homemade jelly
Part of the fun of extreme yard-sale-ing is figuring out what effect 6 hours of walking will have on your blood sugar. I decided I didn't want to deal with lows, I'd take my pump off and just shoot up for whatever I ate.
7 AM- 150. Ate breakfast, bolused, took pump off.
9 AM- My car being parked over a mile away, I knew I didn't have much choice about discreteness in diabetes care . I needed to test, I might need to shoot up, and I couldn't help it if half the world had to watch.
So, I found a corner, crouched down, and pulled out my little black kit.
A lady stared (trying to look like she WASN'T staring). From that look, I knew she knew I had diabetes + she was worried that I'd keel over at any second. Either that-or I am a drug addict, getting my fix!Her fears were confirmed by a syringe-in-the-abdomen 30 seconds later. Wide eyed horror flashed across her face.(Like "Why is she doing that HERE?!?")Finishing up my business, I quickly exited that yard sale before anyone else could observe this private ritual. (or call the cops) I don't like to make people uncomfortable, but I also don't like being made to feel like a drug addict or worse..
10 AM- I need a snack, so I buy a BBQ sandwich and Diet coke.
10:30 AM- Low.Drain juice, stagger along side of road, thinking about the cruel irony of getting low JUST when the food should be working! Daydream about CGMS's, and catching 99.9% of these things before they happen!
11:30 AM-226. Conservatively shoot 1U.
12:30 AM-156. Finish up yard sales, go home. Eat lunch, take nap. Wake up 210, feeling more like 500, drink 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke.(and half a gallon of water) Must have got slightly deydrated from the exercise.
It was fun though, I just need to better figure out my basal needs in these circumstances.


Anonymous said...


I hate how the kits always have a black case. are there any kits out there that have other coloured cases? i'd be interested to get me one of those.

i've been re thinking the pump vacation thing. thinking that my control is probably best with my pump, spesh when i exercise so might stay hooked up but take it off for a few days here and there in the summer months. I hate when it's really hot and wearing a pump will annoy me, i'm sure.

anyways, glad you had a good time at the yard sale.

i'm thinking we call a yard sale a boot fair in the uk. not sure tho.

c ya

julia said...

Pssst. Your interview is up on my blog.

type1emt said...

Oh yay, thanks,Julia.:-)

Fifty-50 (online pharmacy) might have some dif. colored cases? Mainly kid stuff, but who could also use/convert a makeup bag,whatever, heck it doesn't have to be that big(for just a meter/poker/strips)