Thursday, May 11, 2006

D-blurb(s) of the Week

We take a break from the normal, humdrum, painfully dull, diabetes self- recordings to bring you the latest and best D-Bits from 'round the world. (Yes Julia, I am working on those questions-but they require some major thinking, and it'll take me a few days...)

From the Czech Republic:
Got Islets? Get monitored!

Comments: Kind of interesting, but if the iron just decomposes anyway in the way to moniter the existance of the islets. (Defeating the entire purpose)

The History of Diabetes Forecast:

From this: (November, 1948)

(In the early years, "Forecast" had a blue cover(this made everyone happy + cheery about reading it, as blue urine test=excellent control). Later, they switched to other colors as blue got pretty boring, and eventually, to pics on the front...)

To this: (December, 1998)

Lastly this:! (June 2006)

I wonder what it'll look like in 2048, if there still isn't a cure.

Need a Cat? Someone in the UK needs to adopt this sweetie.
I've considered getting a cat (it might turn out to be a great hypo-alert animal), but I don't have the time to properly care for it. (As selfish as that sounds-its true, and if you can't properly provide(food/shelter/medical care) for any animal, you have no business owning one)

CWD's Whats New lists are TRULY exciting reading. Especially the journal articles (exotic research studies), that generally have one of three effects:
A. Sigh, roll eyes, backclick. You knew all that stuff anyway. (it's nothing new)
B. Email a knowledgable friend for an interrpretation- you haven't managed to get past the first two words...
C. Gasp and stare in wide-eyed horror as you learn yet ANOTHER potential D-problem that nobody ever told you about.
I prefer the newspaper articles that tell of PWD's living happy, sucessful lives.

They've changed the rules on Lantus:
So now one could probably safely mix L+fast-acting. If I were on Lantus, I still wouldn't do it. It feels so WRONG, like one of those set-in-stone unbreakable diabetic laws (it has been around since 2001, so its practically that)

Surfin’ DCCT

(With apologies to the Beach Boys and Ray Stevens!)

We’ve a case of the ‘beates, it’s a ‘98
Its got a meter and a pump and its doing just great
We’re loyal to the party, and the party line
But us ‘betics (or PWD's) got to have a little fun sometimes.

We were having us a party, getting nice and drunk
When the leader of the type 1's (a green haired punk)
Keeled over like an anchor, he was trying to show
Half a keg of the best, would not get HIM low.

Now here we be
Surfin’ DCCT
(Surfin’, Surfin’, DCCT)
Hello CCU
As I’m turning blue
Yeah, we’re getting kinda drunk, getting totally layed
C’mon Honey Sugar, tonight we’ve got it made
We don’t wanna start no Endocrine Fight
We just want to smoke and drink and party tonight!

You thought the company exotic when you “did the Dew”
Till you met the charming nurses up in ICU
One prick of the finger, and we all flipped
There’s been a mutiny on board Denial’s Ship.

Let’s you and me
Keep the DCCT
(Keep it, Keeppp the DCCT)
My Hba1c
Is now 5 point three.
Yeah, now I’ll be real good, cuz I don’t plan to go
Up to my endo’s- to watch him blow.
It won’t be all bad, my friend, you just wait and see
A better lot you’ll have when you keep the DCCT.

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