Thursday, May 25, 2006

All Work and No Play....

Gluco-Burst (Artic Cherry)gel is good stuff. Layed in a goodly supply(Krogers had a half off sale), along with various other D supplies. I also purchased 10 candy bars, which no doubt looked pretty weird to the cashier-but hey, its my money.

The blood sugars are doing much better (disaster averted). Still, I've had 4 numbers (this week) below 140, and one of them was a 36. Not a very number-friendly week.

And tomarrow? Tomarrow, I take my logbook to get my diabetes control anylized to the nth degree (by the CDE) Control is not remotely possible, neither is an a1c under 7. Not without a miracle (or continous glucose moniter). I have great hopes that they'll be available soon- one way or the other.(Either I convince the insurance company, or pay out of pocket for it myself) Its more of a war zone out there- and I'm glad some days just to have survived. Every day lived successfully with diabetes, no wonder WHAT actually transpired, is a cause for celebration. Kicked it in the rear once again. My SIL (as a cardiac nurse) sees many young PWD's up on her floor.(making the connection that they took rotten care of themselves) 30 years later, though, if you get cardiac complications who can really say its because of that? D-care has changed so much over the years, and I think I'd be very glad to see my 47th birthday,even if I had cardiac problems. Other things, (like genetics and smoking) count very strongly too. How many of those young PWD's also smoke? (quite a few, probably) Its not just diabetes thats a serious risk factor,but its always the biggie.(one that people look at)

Some bright individual hacked into my Ebay account+ listed a fraudulent item, putting their original email address in the auction listing so people would contact them directly. My regular email was immeadiently flooded with Me-Me-Me (Sell to me) offers for this high-priced Super Deal.
I promptly changed every concievable password, alerted Ebay, and closed down the listing, taking steps to secure my account. And then I emailed the would-be seller(in the hopes that I could get his reg.address + track him down). He didn't spring for the idea, informing me that he could only accept bank-to-bank transfers. I'm kind of dissapointed that he didn't take the bait, I'd like this guy to spend the next 15 years in jail. I'll think of something. I'm not stupid, and he obviously isn't either... I had the strong urge to tell him precisely what I thought of him, but that would be the last I'd see of him.

Thank goodness for a LONG weekend, I'm so glad this week is over. I intend to pamper myself to the gills, my initiary includes:
Friday- CDE appt, lunch at Golden Corral(buffet), shopping trip(Old Navy, Rite Aid, Bath and Body, wherever else), library, reg. doc appointment.
Sat.- Free meal at Chick-Fil-A,(breakfast) see Baltimore (Orioles'?) baseball game with some more clothes shopping on trip back. This weekend is 20% OFF weekend for all TJX employees, so I should be able to get some great clothing deals.
Sunday- Sleep.
Tuesday-Who knows, who cares-I'm lovin' it.
Wednesday-Back to work.


Ellen said...

Is that a hole in the right sock? :-)

type1emt said...

If you look EXTRA carefully, you can also see the hole in the left heel.:-)

Anonymous said...

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