Monday, January 11, 2010

Towards 2011

Here's a list of goals/resolutions for 2010:

-In so far as it is up to me, avoid maxing out said deductible with horrendous copays. It isn't the getting of subsequent services free that is disturbing, its the amount spent getting there, that's disturbing.I need to get my docs to write for the max amount allowed, and utilize those supplies better. Of course, the cost of supplies has gone that'll skyrocket me towards my deductible as well.

-Get my a1c under 7. Things aren't off to a real great start, failed sets and sickness and stress and blah-blah-blah helping my collective average be more like 300.(I don't even want to think of what that translates to,a1c wise) I need to aggressively treat my highs,& stop worrying so much about lows.(because clearly, that is not a problem right now. Haven't had any since the last decade!)

-Get organized, beyond just being able to find important papers,etc. The "Junk Room" must rival the orginization of the "Lincoln Bedroom"...a place that I could actually let a non-family member in there.(without dying of shame)

-Get genetically tested for my subset of Bartter's Syndrome, learn exact chances of passing it on. Get things regulated with pumping magnesium-I want to be as knowledgable/proficient in that, as I am (not) in my diabetes management. I want to get to the point where bloodwork ever so often, is the only medical intervention I'd require.

-Go to a diabetes conferance. (or two or three)

-Meet more DOC bloggers.

-Finish off my last prereq, get into a nursing school program in the fall!

-Publish my book.(hahahahaha)

-Update my blog(lmk if you'd like your blog to be in the bloglines)..and get at least 1 new follower!

-Get tickets to, and attend a Doctor's TV taping. We're out there in SoCal several times a year anyway...its all a matter of matching up the dates.(considerably more difficult on their end, then mine)

-Exercise more.(of course, which ensures that I probably won't because I'm not going to commit to going 3+ times a week.I'm going to do it when I can. That's being realistic.)


Jaimie said...

Go Heidi! I'll go the doctors taping w/you :) friend met Travis & took pics in the parking lot last time she went down...hunka hunka lol

Cherise said...

Woot! Your goals are realistic:) you can do it!!!