Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stick(ing) Designs

In the early days of diabetes,there's a sort of bliss naivite about what it truly entails.A lifetime of pricks,math,and everything else.Like everyone else,you get your fancy new meter,diet log,and commence to stabbing yourself (dramatically) with a syringe to prove to your friends that it really doesn't hurt.(the truth is,it can&will but you aren't allowed to show weakness,without being thought of as a wimp,or pitied)

Time passes,the novelty wears off.Soon,you could care less what number The Great Grey/Black/Pink Meter will spit back at you.You'll be doing this again in a few hours anyway.It's just a meter,despite the 5 second countdowns&tiny blood samples&wireless Beam Me Up (to the pump)Scotty technology.Yes,we've come along way from even 1998(45 second countdowns,huge blood sample sizes) but we have a long way to go.I have given more gallons of blood to the vampire machines then I have to the Red Cross.(&that would be 35 pints)Blood that could mean something,beyond the next insulin dose.Blood that could help me live life my way,not dictated by some disease.

But I continue to bleed,like every other D(who attempts management of the disease) on this planet.Because I bleed,I don't get squeemish about seeing it like I do other body substances.This came in handy,when I was a practicing EMT.Ask me to assist w/the bleeding patient,& I was ok with that.(asking me to help with the vomiting patient was another story.Especially beer vomit. The very combination made me want to double vomit) Blood is one of those substances you want to take proper precautions against,should it be someone else's,but so are other body secretions.It's very archaic that in the 21st century we still have to bleed,to manage our disease,it should be history by now.CGM's should be as accurate as meters.

I received my new D-Kit from StickMe Designs(for winning the Diabetes Mine contest) & while I gotta say,testing is still a drag it helps ALOT to have a fun new case.You can see what I mean below.



This thing has CLASS.3 inside zippered pouches,3 elastic bands for meter/tester/glucose tabs,logbook flap,outside zippered pouch & a carrying strap.Versus the 1 mesh,1 logbook flap,huge vast space of my old carrier.I still have diabetes,but tonight,it sucks a little less.It's brilliancy in a white/pink canvas.

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Cherise said...

Styling with Diabetes! Love the case:) btw, any vomit makes me sick

Cara said...

Totally cute! I need to buy one...but I keep finding other things to spend my $$ on. :)