Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home, Home on the Range

Home, Home on the Range
Where the glucose never doth change
Where never is seen
A Four-hundred-fourteen
And a ketone is something quite strange..

Back to the D.E. again today. I am the type of person/patient that requires accountability..and a periodic good (mental) kick-in-the-pants to stay
on the control bandwagon. With my Endo's maternity leave looming ever nearer,she'll
shortly be out of the picture & I'll have to adjust to someone new. The DE, I know though,and it's a more comfortable situation. I need intervention,or bad habits soon creep back in and my a1c marches steadily upwards.

We discussed my horrific post-meal swings,& possible solutions to them. Now that I'm finally back to the normal insanity(vs the 400+ insanity), I'm trying to get re-used to normal blood sugars & that's just not pleasant at all. At 110, I'm shoving everything into my mouth & at 90, I'm catatonic. I need to be lower, but where's the good of being 100 (or 90) if you can't prevent yourself from eating everything in sight and becoming 220 again? DE says just eat a small snack..that's not happening.(I'm starving to death below a certain number) In my mind, I need to adjust to being 160...130..100 (in increments) not seesawing madly from one extreme to the next.(Steady is a good thing) I'm willing to try pre-bolusing though.(I have a Dexcom..I can do this. I will (hopefully) not end up on the floor. Pre-bolusing should help those post-meal numbers. (and the a1c) Pre-meal numbers are looking pretty good, but the post-meal swings aren't.

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Colleen said...

I'm singing along!
My post numbers take 4 hours - and then just drop. Very strange.
Wish you luck.