Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nintendo Power!

I just got(myself) a dsi for Christmas,(with the money I got) and I gotta say...it's nice. Slick, black, and light years beyond the regular ds.(the camera function is both inner & outer, so you can take a picture of yourself. That's not so easy on an iphone!) I wanted a blue one...but I digress,I can easily put a skin on it and make it blue. The very fact that they had dsi's in stock at all is something to be celebrated.

It's perfect. Except for that the fact that my favorite game, didn't work on it, and works on my old ds. So, I tried another game and that game worked on both systems.

So I called Nintendo, and got placed on hold. Only it wasn't hold, it was speakerphone, so after a few minutes of that, I hung up. And called back again.

And got placed on speakerphone again. I decided to stay, on the wildcard chance that someone might answer.

This is what I heard...

"So it will go out on XX date.."

"Let's go get pizza!"

"Our records indicate..."

"Serial number XXXXXXXXX..."

And credit card numbers. Lots, and lots, of credit card numbers. If I weren't an honest person, I could have had a a field day with them. I'm sure that someone at Nintendo would have gotten fired for that.After half an hour, someone answered the phone.


"Hi, I'm having a problem with my dsi and would like to talk to someone about it."


So, I called back. And actually got someone.


"Yes, I'm having a problem with my new dsi and would like some help with it."


I didn't have my dsi with me, so I just told her the error code that kept popping up and she informed me that I likely had a bootleg copy of said game.

"But it works on my ds."

"Yes, but with the increased system security measures it won't recognize it on the dsi."

I'd bought the game on Ebay...it figures. Over a year ago,I'm not even sure if it's still in my purchase history.(to inform the seller)

"Are you sure it's not a system problem? This is just so unusual,I don't know what to think."

"I'll switch you over to my colleague.But they aren't supposed to start with the letters NTR, and yours does, which indicates it's fake."

Switched. I explain the problem to him, and he says he can't do anything without the serial number on my dsi,which of course I don't have with me.(call back) And I let him know about the phone rerouting problem.(which shouldn't be happening)

An hour later,I call back..and they're experiencing heavy call volume(everyone off from work), which goes on for the next 3 hours, until they close. Check rest of DS games, and most of them say "NTR" which confuses me even more, because they work on both systems.(and obviously, aren't fakes) And find another game that doesn't work.

Tried again, this morning-got through. Was informed that it's still fake. I think I will call them back and actually send in the games for testing.

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