Friday, January 08, 2010

My (Diet) Coke Rewards

For three years running, Coke has had a promotion going. It's called My Coke Rewards...and it's (yet)another excellent way to waste time on the internet.

It's no secret that I drink alot of Diet Coke. It's an addiction, yet I have no desire to quit(everyone has to have SOME bad habit) Diet Coke Coke cans, all generate a fortune of Coke codes(might as well get something out of the deal, right?)
But like everything else, the recession has taken a bit hit on the program & they've imposed all kinds of rules and regulations. In the beginning, there was a 10 code(per day) limit and you could get an $120 PlayStation 2 for 800 measly points. And you could buy points on Ebay, to boot.(no more!)

Which I took full advantage of. I have gotten a PS2,blockbuster gift cards, movie tickets,free coke products,a best buy gift card,pass to Universal Studios,passes to other theme parks,TGIF gift cards,etc.etc.etc. Honestly, I can't remember what all I've's been three years. But every year, they impose stricter limits(last year, it was the 120 point cap entry/week and 2000 total points). And a $50 gift card now goes for 2000 points.(which takes 15 weeks to save up for!) That made alot of people most unhappy.(me, I was thrilled..since you can now input all your points per the the week at one time. I don't have time to be doing that on a daily basis) Some limits are good, it leaves something for everyone.(the max points and inflation isn't good)

Change has struck again, this time it pertains to instant win game entries. I have never been lucky when it comes to winning that kind of stuff, so once again, I'm happy that the users with 5,000 credits in their accounts can't steamroll their way to a vacation in Bermuda. They'll lose all those (banked) entries, come January 10. I don't like to spend my points on entries for contests that I'll lose, so I can only play five entries at one time.(put that in the jackpot of millions of users trying to win that prize and chances that I'd win are non-existent)

I'd just like to win one major prize..that's all I'm asking for, out of this promotion. And then I'll feel some sort of closure, with this program.(and I really hope this is the LAST year they have it)I would feel better,after all the time(and money) I've invested.(consumption & inputting all those codes) Then, I can give it an A++ instead of the C(blah,blah-used to be much better) it currently is. I will always be a loyal(diet) Coke drinker, but if they're going to have a program like this, there are alot of things that could be better. I wouldn't base my loyalty off the excellence of this program.


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm a Diet Coke addict too! :-)

I was in the Rewards program for a while when it first started, and got a couple cool things (Sony gift card for a Walkman MP3 player, soft cooler, and a toaster). But I too am turned off by the penny-ante tactics they're using lately. I think we should earn double or triple points, or something fabulous like a free month/year (!) of Diet Coke, don't you think?

Well, we can dream...! :-)

type1emt said...


I definatly think they should do something like that.(contests to win don't count,only 1 person wins those) They should encourage more intake of low/no calorie products (like Diet Coke).

Alas, most of the country wouldn't like that too well...

Cherise said...

You are die hard diet coke drinker. Wow, you've won all of those things? That's awesome!

Cara said...

I won my Zune 8GB mp3 player w/ Pepsi points a little over a year ago. Entering them in the contest, not saving up and buying. :)