Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Notes from a Spinning Planet: Psych 101

"I want to make one thing perfectly clear," the instructor continues, his eyes seemingly boring into every single one of ours, simultaneously. "If I see you texting during my class, you'll be asked to leave."

My insulin pump begins vibrating, reminding me of a post-meal bg check. I put my hand in my pocket and will it to shut up, be quiet, malfunction, something... You'd think a psychologist would be more understanding, not so rigid with the rules.

Next to go, is my Dexcom, it gives the high beep. Still postmeal, so I'm hoping the insulin just hasn't kicked in.

Half-time: 370. Either I underestimated the carbs, or my set is bad. I give a correction bolus.

An hour later, I check the Dex again. It's been HIGH for about 40 minutes, the bolus didn't do any good. BG check: 570. I'm so tired I just want to fall asleep at my desk but there's another hour of class to get through. Freud is twice as boring as usual, I wonder what his assessment of the situation would be. The repression of bodily functions leads to a state of post-traumatic stress in the individual with chronic illness..which triggers depression and the desire to guzzle gallons of diet coke and stay in bed for the next 24 hours. Perfectly normal, right?

And my brand new textbook has a backward cover, in another odd twist to the day. Going to be a very busy month, its an accelerated course(8 hours a week) and our first test is Wednesday. I just hope that the instructor doesn't tell me to leave when he sees me fooling with my pump, etc.(Yes, I can explain about the D, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary).


Jonah said...

I think you should tell him now, unless you can turn alarms off for the duration of class. He will be pissed off if he asks you to leave, thinking you're texting, and you embarrass him in front of the class by saying it's medical. Send him an email.

Anonymous said...

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