Saturday, June 07, 2008


My order of Cleo's arrived today. No more using Sils! and amazingly, Medco did not screw it up. I was getting ready to just buy them OOP and try to get reimbursed later on, low and behold my insurance then decides to cover them. No problems. I will never understand insurance companies.

And the other big news of the day..I've just had my fifth low of the day.(at 3 pm) 2 last night. I think the heat must be impacting my bgs big time.(it happens, sometimes, irregardless of the temperature outside but the heat is the only thing I can think of that may be triggering it) I think I need to start pumping glucagon, instead of insulin. Latest low occurred just 30 minutes after lunch.(with 3/4 of that insulin still on board) Hence the need to eat even more food. I'm waiting for that day when it absolutely refuses to come up and I have to go to the hospital, where they'll know absolutely nothing about D and of course, my endo will not be there to bail me out.(it'll be a weekend) My brain cells will be mush anyway, and I'll be lucky to get out of there alive.Handing over my control to clueless medical professionals is not always the best option.(off to eat B&J's, I'm not making sense, even to myself)

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