Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weeding out the Wardrobe

It's a sad fact that approximately 3/4 of my casual shirts collection is diabetes themed.

-4 FFL tshirts, emblazoned with the names of every major D sponsor out there.
-2 JDRF walk tshirts, again, emblazoned with the names of D sponsors.
-A blue "MiniMed" shirt, lettering in white. Not overtly screaming the "hey, I'm
diabetic!" label (most people don't know what Minimed was) but still diabetes
-A weird pump pack shirt, from back in the Minimed days.
- A "I run on Insulin" tshirt.
- A "Test, Don't Guess" D-Life promo tshirt.
It's safe to say, that I'll be acquiring several more next more(at the upcoming FFL conference). I never set out to be the diabetic billboard child but I guess at least some of the time, I am. (I do wear some of them out in public) I can't just throw them out, they're perfectly good shirts.(not until they wear out) Sometimes I wish they would though, so I could have a more "normal" wardrobe.
I do like this one though..

(from CafePress)

Can't get away from the will haunt you just opening up your dresser drawer!


Sara said...

There is a Test, Don't Guess shirt?!

I need it!! Off to check dlife right now!

type1emt said...

I got mine when I joined dlife( a couple years ago)..maybe you could call/email and see if they're still giving them out? Or ask Kerri about them.

Anonymous said...

I don't have diabetes, but I have drawers full of diabetes awareness t-shirts and wear them often :-). Today I wore an old DRI STOP DIABETES shirt. Most of the time I wear FFL shirts!


Alexis said...

Where do I get the "I run on insulin" shirts? Definately need one of those while I train for a half marathon!