Thursday, May 29, 2008


Until today, I've never cried.(from it) Until today, the pain of a needle has never sent me over the edge. Until today, I have never witnessed the extreme callousness of someone who just doesn't give a flip + is just waiting till 5 PM and the end of a workday.

The needle was large(not 16 gauge, but large and entirely un-necessary for 3 lousy tubes of blood) and I was expecting a shock but not like that. The phlebotomist shoved it in very fast, and I've never felt that kind of paralyzing pain before. I've been tracked up on both arms for usable veins, I've given donations of blood many times, and I've had a few Arterial Blood Gases in my time. I've had IV's, and blown IVs. I've had gushers, and I've had sets hit nerves. None of them compared to this.

I dissolve-erupt into a fountain of tears, the phlebotomist grabs my arm roughly, slaps a band aid on it and tells me to have a nice day. Shows me the door. No apologies, no inquires as to whether I was ok. I think that that is what hurts the most, I understand people make mistakes(and I'm ok with that) but deliberately reeking physical and mental damage is extremely unprofessional. I guess I've just been extremely lucky, in that phlebotomists have always been polite, at the very least..they can't all be painless but all I really want is respect. I won't be going back to that facility, the bruise goes deep to my soul.


Allison said...


Man, that sucks. Hope you arm (and soul) feels better soon.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow. That does suck, bad.

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I like to think that the lab tech will run into someone just like her when it's her turn.

Anonymous said...

That's awful :-(. PLEASE REPORT THAT PERSON TO THE HIGHEST UP IN THE COMPANY. It's absolutely inexcusable.


Major Bedhead said...

You need to complain to the manager of the lab. That's horrible treatment.

Anonymous said...

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