Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Season Finale(s)

I feel a little more alive now.. the fever broke this morning. Yes,it was the flu(not a cold). Haven't had a cold (since last August) and the last time I had the flu was 4-5 years ago so I guess I was long overdue. There's one interesting fact about the flu..hypos are never an issue, you could bolus for a meal, not eat the meal,and still be high 4 hours later. The body requires a lot of insulin when there's a fever.

So anyway, as I was hanging out w/all my paraphernalia last night, alternately watching/crying/sneezing through the season finale of "House" it occurred to me how utterly repetitious and boring season finales have gotten.
First, it was Meredith of Grey's Anatomy going into a coma/near death experience.(talking to Denny Duqette)

Then, it was Eli Stone going into a coma/ near death experience.(talking to George Michael)

Now, it's House/going into a coma/not quite death experience.(talking to now deceased ex-girlfriend)

I can't wait for tonight..maybe one of the Davids in the American Idol Season finale will sing/bore the other one into a coma/and when he wakes up, he'll figure out that there are so many other MORE worthwhile things that he could be doing..
(sorry, a bit of sarcasm there)
Or I'll be bored into one myself. I'm sure I'm missing some of the coma finales, because I really don't watch alot of tv shows but this is just a trend I've noticed.


Araby62 said...

IMHO, this was raised to the level of classic cinema back in the mid-80s with Magnum PI--"Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts" ;-) I agree, I think "CIS Miami" may go this route in next year's opener for someone who got shot in last night's season finale. (Not saying who--spoilers!)

Glad you're on the mend. The D and illness are strange bedfellows!

Cherise said...

Funny. I was watching the season finale of One Tree Hill (CW) and there was a situation on there similiar to what you watched last night...LOL