Saturday, February 16, 2008

P.S. I Love You

First there was this...
(highs in general..this is an old pic):

followed by a zillion and half boluses and shots of this:

I was the insulin-o-holic, must have taken twice my normal tdd.
Then, came these:

Vain attempts at this:

Pain, vomitting, all that stuff. Finally the blood sugars go down only I have the opposite problem and keeping bgs up is more then impossible. The dr, of course, can't see me to the next week so I go to the ER, get reassurance that it isn't something thats going to kill me in the next 12 hours, get drugged and things improve for the next day. Comes back with a vengeance the following day and those two weekend days are impossibly long. Gatoraide is all I can handle. Monday morning,I have starvation ketones + my dr panics and sends me to the ER again where I look like a grand royal idiot(bgs are normal, not in keto) but I get re hydrated again and some better drugs so it wasn't a total waste.

Post V-Day:

Some incredibly romantic pictures of my esophagus. Husband is out of town on a business trip(incredibly poor timing, on the part of said employer) but it was unavoidable.(Six..more..days...till..he..returns..ugh)A friend drove me there/back.(for the endoscopy) I have had one before, so I knew what to expect. Didn't wear the dexcom, and bgs went from 153 to 123. (pretty good in my book) Of course, they didn't know anything about the pump and the basal rate keeping things normal so I just ignored their helpful advice about cutting the insulin in half. Not applicable to me. I wake up, the gastro doctor comes in and delivers me the report. Esophogitis. Hiatal Hernia. Strangely enough, its relieving to hear, at least there are no ulcers. From the state of my innards, I would have sworn to the entire tract being that way. So they did a biopsy but I well suspect its from the fact that I always take ibuprofen for every ache/pain, not Tylenol because I don't want to cook my liver. Iboprofen days came to an abrupt end when this all started. Stopped one med, increased another + will wait for things to improve or biopsy results before the follow-up appointment. If things don't improve, they'll do a barium test. Although they have already, keeping everything down now.Definably a plus in my book. I just wish that diabetes wasn't such a issue with everything, even when one thing isn't that bad the diabetes will screw you up if it gets half a chance. Ah well,life goes on, and you gotta roll with the punches.


Christine-Megan said...

Man, feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

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