Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project: Pumpway

Welcome, designers. I'm Heidi- and regretfully, my last name does not start with a "K." I have no fashion sense whatsoever and haven't picked up a (sewing)needle since the 10th grade.Coincidentally,the only time in my life I could have really given the modeling career a run for its money.(all 90 lbs of me, insulin therapy immeadiently packed on 40)
Regardless, the daily challenges of wearing a 4x2 piece of hardware(or several pieces of hardware) tax even the most fashion forward of us. We need help.
(myself included)

Your Challenge:
Look, study, and tell me which of the following disasters are the absolute worst.

The "Why can't my pump fit into the blasted coin pouch" look:

Da "sock, up the leg" scenario:

Not just for looks:
(the pouch)

Tourniquet on the lower extremities:

EMT girl:
(complete with accessories)

Gothic Girl:
(Stop worrying,I'm not goth.It's just fun to mess with people's minds sometimes + have them totally ignore me.)

One last request before I Auf Wiedersehen. Email Bravo and tell them this would make an excellent upcoming episode.(an outfit that compliments,hides a pump)Thousands of pump-wearing D's would immeadiently become loyal viewers.

Danke, meine Freunde.


gina said...

haha. great idea.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Hannah said...

Michael Kors: UGH! Black, black, black. That last outfit was SUCH a blasé disaster!!

Nina Garcia: Aaahnd pleeeaase, striped socks are so '03.

Hannah, as guest judge: I dunno, that holster belt could be kind cool, like, in a Batman sort of a way....

type1emt said...

great impersonations,Hannah!
LOL. Brought a smile to my face.

Sarah S. said...

Yeah, I think us D-chicks have all tried those assorted problems disguised as "solutions" to the everpresent "where do you put it" problem.
I think my favorite was the "goth" look - so obvious. The others at least attempted to be discreet.
I blame the fashion industry in general. Guys have clothes that don't bulge, hang funny, droop, etc. when you add stuff to the pockets or waistbands. For that matter, if you're a guy, you ALWAYS have pockets. I can't tell you how many of my pants have either none (virtually anything that I want to wear that doesn't make me look like I'm still in college) or too small/insufficiently sturdy pockets (everything else that doesn't make me look like I'm still in college). No wonder I wear mostly jeans.
At least you're putting a funny face on it.

Anonymous said...

Your pump won't fit cuz it isn't an Animas! Hehe. JK!
Have you tried in the bra? I keep mine there, and have for 7 years...

Anonymous said...

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