Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Top Ten Signs That You're Entirely Too Young to Have Diabetes

1. The pharmacy clerk laughs at you when you try to buy syringes. "You might hurt yourself, sweetie, these aren't for playing with and you WILL grow up someday. No need to take those nasty growth hormones."

2. The pharmacy clerk demands to see 2 forms of identification, a current photo id, and your mother before she'll sell you any lancets.

3. You're the only one in the Endocrine waiting room without gray hair. (Maybe with any hair at all..)

4. You don't know how to spell "Diabetiphobia", nor have any inclination what it might mean.

5. "Blind Man's Bluff" was just a game to you...not real life.

6. Jelly Beans are entirely reserved for hypos, not normal kid treats.

7. The initials "J.D." behind your name do not stand for Judiciary Doctor, they stand for Juvenile Diabetic.

8. When your pump alarms in the middle of the night, it must be time for another round of you know what.."Honey,wake up! My thing just went off!" (Although,in all honesty, if your looking for a good vibrator the Dexcom is tops. Shakes the whole house.)

9. Be the only normal weight person(school or work) on a "diet"...

10. You hate getting drunk, it resembles a serious hypo too much.(and, it often leads to serious hypos)Therefore, you're the most sober 26 year old on the block.
Total limit: 2 drinks.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list! So true!