Monday, October 16, 2006


In 9 hours, they'll be doing an endoscopy. Shoving a tube down my throat, all the way to the colon.
And I'm scared to death.
I'm scared of what they'll find, I'm scared of going under anesthesia.
I've been under general anesthesia several times, and never had a problem. But it still scares me.
And I'm scared of what my blood sugars will do during the procedure. Pre-surgeries, I've always just reverted back to Lantus but I think I should just stay on the pump for this. Will the staff moniter my blood sugars + keep them in a safe range?prob. so, but I'm still worried.
My dad's going to drive me to their house, after the procedure( where I'll sleep off the anesthesia)
I now have the overwhelming urge to clean my house, I won't be sleeping tonight anyway.


Dr. A said...

I've had a lot of my patients have endoscopy procedures. Definitely blood sugars are monitored so things don't go too low or too high.

The hardest part is always the waiting. Hope you're able to get some sleep. Good luck.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Chin up Heidi,

You will do fine! I shiver with fear with you! OK? If we share the fear it is halved for you! Hospital exams, procedures etc scare the hell out of me too! But sometimes one has to do stuff that is scary and all usually ends up fine! GOOD LUCK. Pls report back as soon as you are up to it.

Minnesota Nice said...

Good luck Heidi.
It seems like the hospital staff are extremely scared of low blood sugar, when my theory is what better place to have a hypo than the hospial, laying down, etc.

You will be fine. I hope the test gives them the information they are looking for so that your g.i. problems can be properly treated.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Best of luck! We'll be thinking of you!

othur-me said...

My thoughts are with will all be fine.

Anonymous said...

Don't be scared i had one in 2004. It don't hurt, they didn't knock me out just gave me something to feel woozy which was really cool.

hope it went ok, you;ll be fine.

love vic xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well. I’ve had a few of the reverse endoscopies, you know, colonoscopies ;) Never fun, but necessary for whatever diagnostic purposes. It will be over before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's going right to your colon? they normally just get it to the end of the duodenum (sp?) I worked in endoscopy for 6 months. It was an eye opener!!!!

Anonymous said...

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