Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Acts of Irresponsibility

If I didn't hate my job so much, I'd sell my car + live it out in high style, commuting via bicycle(all the essentials of life are within a five mile radius).
But I have dreams that one day, I'll have my RN degree(and my salary will quadruple overnight).Then, maybe I'll meet a rich doctor and he'll sweep me off my feet, support my D habit and everything else...
Cars are just money suckers-mine is no exception. Now Nugget is a fine little car, and I take decent care of her, but tires wear thin + state inspections come due+ weird roaring noises start creeping into the accelerator + you know it's going to be expensive. The tires are taken care of, but I hope I don't run into any town cops before Saturday morning... And yeah, insurance premiums are just around the corner.
Yesterday, I had to have several fillings-they wanted to put a crown on one of them,but I'm holding off on that for now. Namely, because my dental insurance has a lousy $1,000 yearly cap (and dental wise, that does NOT go far).
I checked before the appointment,bolused for 212.(2 units)
Checked 5 minutes after the 3 Novocaine shots-360. Gotta love that Novocaine.(this was about an hr after I'd bolused for the 212)My dentist thought my pump was an MP3 player and I told her there was no way I could be THAT relaxed.
Learned fact- Its impossible to eat/drink anything when one's face is still feeling the effects of Novocaine. If you've ever watched that movie Christmas with the Kranks, you'll know what I'm talking about. (the part where the dad gets a botulism shot and everything dribbles down his chin because he can't eat.)And I was hungry too, didn't wear off till 8 pm. I guess, if one became low(in a situation like that) you'd just have to inject glucogon.
Its shaping up to be a great holiday season for the retail world, sales in Sep.are above average + that means there's lots of work for us. We're deep into the Christmasy stuff with scarves,hats, coats,ornaments, jewelry,games,etc. everywhere. Its not that bad-especially since our supivisor got a big promotion and she'll no longer be our supivisor! (come Monday) HooRAH. Just hope the next one is better.
Today, however, was pretty awful,alot of the people in a certain section were out and I had to help do their job. I'm not Arnold Swartzenegger,+ found it difficult tossing heavy totes/boxes around like they were simply peanuts..Dude, I'm 5'2, 120 lbs-I'm sure some of that stuff weighed more then me! My back hurt,my feet hurt, my head hurt, and I ran into a steel bar(sustaining a nice little bruise on my leg). I couldn't do that all the time. One of the other workers(a big, tall,strapping guy) looked bored the whole time(it wasn't rough on him). Life is not fair.
And I have a grand total of 20 test strips left, gotta go to the Research Center after work tomarrow, or I'll run totally out.(Not advisable, on a weekend, and they give me strips free anyway for the research study.)
What a week this has been!


Anonymous said...

The other day at work I had to help unload a truck full of soda cans and bottles cuz the guy that does it had hurt his back. Well, I kinda offered my services. I felt good at the time. I'm 5'4" and 126lbs. I ate chocolate while doing it. Diabetes was fine but when I go home I couldn't move. My back still hurts. ahhhh.

type1emt said...

Ugh-not fun!
I feel your pain..
feel better soon,vickie.