Monday, October 23, 2006

Energy=Millions of Carbohydrates Squared

The one thing that’s wrong with that equation is its Sans Insulin, and one won’t be getting much energy off that deal. With all due respect to Mr. Einstein, it should be:
E= MC(squared) x I(to the 4th gallon)
That should cover it.
So you think your website has problems? I’ll tell you right now, they pale in comparison to these guys, whose website has been crashing regularly for months. Apparently (big surprise!) many YouTube’s users do not know how to spell. 62 million hits does present somewhat of a problem, and the poor utube guys couldn’t handle it.(see story)
Endoscopy went ok, it was over just like that. I was nervous, and thus high, but it was 200's going in which wasn’t too bad + when I got to recovery, the nurse checked it again(215). It took 2 hours for my blood pressure to recover(I think, because I was slightly dehydrated going in), it was 90's/50's range. 25 points off the norm makes one heck of a difference. After the rest of the IV fluids, it went up but I still felt rather off + the nurse checked my bg again, just to make sure I wasn’t low.
159 that time. Guess all those drugs make you feel like crud anyway, quite independent of actual vital signs. My dad drove me home, where I slept it off.
And the results were normal. Yay- still no answers. At least not in the esophageal tract.
Meanwhile, the puke-a-thon continues.
My blood sugar control, though, is great. This will work wonders on my a1c, which, quite frankly, definitely needs something..Life is pretty much one great big fasting basal check!
Since I can’t eat much.
Thought for Today: Only the mediocre are at their best 100% of the time. So if your recent blog entry sucks, take heart. It just goes to prove you’re not mediocre- you’ll have that brilliant, inspiring post soon.
Keep on plugging away.


Minnesota Nice said...

Heidi, so glad to hear that the test went ok, although more plodding ahead to discover the root of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it found no results. What is it they're looking for? what is is that's up with you?

type1emt said...

They are going to run some more tests,going back to the doc on Friday.
Crud vomitting/right side abdominal pain,Vic.(thats whats happening)

Anonymous said...

RE: your comment, no not had many lows at all really that is why I am so surprised with the result.

It's too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

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