Sunday, October 01, 2006


If you’ve ever faced a bagful of candy corn/pumpkins at the beginning of a hypoglycemic meltdown, one thing is always perfectly clear. (When the rest of the world is going fuzzy)
It is impossible to eat just 8.5. (15 carbohydrates worth)
I have a bad habit of scarfing down half the bag, especially if it goes down easy(like candy corn). And later, I have to deal with the resulting 300...
So after having two lows yesterday, one of which involved lots of french fries + the other, the bag of candy corn, I’ve decided it would probably be a good idea if I’d mark 15 carb baggies(of candy) to help control my eating habits. I’m less likely to overeat (during lows) if it ain’t in front of me. And plus, if I do still overeat, I’ll have a way to backtrack + give the proper amount of insulin. Works with juice. 15 carbs is nowhere NEAR enough to treat the vast majority of my lows, I usually require 25-30 carbs but if I measure for 15, that can also be a I’m-Not-Quite-Low-But-I-Gotta-Eat-Or-I-Will-Be-In-15-Minutes blood sugar treatment.
Today, I had a mild low,ate two (15 ct.)baggies,and did not spike.(go figure)
Then,after the half the bag low, I went to the annual International Festival, ate Thai food(Chicken Kabobs and some squashy-stringy Kolrabi-carrotty thing drenched in a black, extremely sweet sauce that most definitely was NOT soy sauce) + danced to Kurdish music till the pounding in my head echoed from my hair to my toes. I wasn’t quite sure if it was an insulin reaction or not, but the music ended +I didn’t feel low, so it wasn’t.
There was a pretty big crowd, (watching) and I’m not an extremily outgoing person, but I wanted to dance, so I linked in and danced. A person only gets so many chances in life, to make an idiot out of themselves, + I just had to hope that none of my coworkers were watching. And, it was FUN. (Regardless of any teasing I may encounter later) I’m glad I did it. I walked back to my car, and then drove home. Checked my pump,and the screen was blank.
Blood sugar was 376.
I momentarily freaked out, ready to call the pump company until I discovered my battery cap was missing. Pump was on my wasteband,and the battery was just nested in there,snug as anything sans this most important piece. Battery cap must have been loose and just knocked off at the festival.
In disgust, I disconnected from the pump, shoveled a large amount of insulin via syringe in, and went to bed. I have more battery caps, but I didn't feel like tracking them down,and I sure didn't feel like taking Regular/Lantus backup.
The next morning,waking up feeling even higher,I again shoveled in a correction shot +didn't check. Ate breakfast + bolused when I was sure it was down.
I doubt that I'll ever be nominated for Inspiring PWD of the Year.


Minnesota Nice said...

Sounds like me and the Twizzlers red licorice bites. They work fast, keep me up, and don't use up a lot of calories in the process.............but.........I can't eat just 8 of them. And yes, I did try the putting-in-the baggie deal, but I then chomped down 6 baggie's worth, blah blah blah. So it was back to the glucose tablets. A couple days ago I was at the orthopedist and had to take some tabs in the middle of my appointment - the doc was very fascinated with them and said, "are you supposed to swallow them whole,or what?" Yeah, buddy, maybe I should swallow them whole and see how good your Heimlich skills are......

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