Monday, April 10, 2006

The Great Cake-Off (and other matters)

126, 321, 221, 298, 213, 245.

Basically, my attempts at "Playing Pancreas" suck. I'd rather have my old one back.(functioning at full capacity)

Its springtime- the birds are singing, the flowers blooming, and the grass/weeds growing. (like mad) My landlady kindly reminded me of that fact, she stopped by at 9:30 pm last night, scared the living dickens out of me. (thought it was a robber) I assured her that the lawn WOULD get mowed this week,(putting her mind at rest) and she happily drove off. Now all I need, is a mower. (I'll borrow one from someone) Got my work cut out for me, this weekend!

The Great Cake-Off is in 19 days. Its not a very diabetes friendly event, but I don't believe in letting diabetes dictate every action of my life.
Contestants bake two cakes- one for the judging, one for the auction. (proceeds from auction go to a worthy cause) As for the judging...well, after the judges get done with it, its open season for anyone to taste.
Tons of cakes- carb count all unknown- even with a pump, it sounds like a formidable bolusing challenge.
I'm don't expect to win, but it sounds like a worthy cause to contribute to. Maybe someone would actually eat something that I baked...(without keeling over dead) I'm not a great cook.

Went to a doctors appointment, waited 2.5 hrs on the doc. Seemed like he was getting paged every 20 minutes, in between his scheduledees. It is not the longest I've ever waited in a doc's office, but it definatly felt more like the ER then a doc's office! By the time he came in, it was 4:45, almost quitting time so he didn't go through the usual "how's your sugar" 30 minute lecture. (one good thing) Poked around my stomach/back, checked a urine sample, and dashed off a quick scrip for an antibiotic. I like this doc, he does a through job of things but sometimes I think he prescribes antibiotics for everything, just because I have diabetes. Just because I have diabetes, doesn't mean my immune system doesn't function fine. (most of the time) I hate being different.

By then, it was 5:30 pm and the regular pharmacy had closed. Drove down the road to a Walmart,
where they transferred my info(from another store) and filled the prescription. Unfortuantly, they didn't have an updated prescription card, so it was either pay out of pocket or come back.
I comprimised, bought enough pills for a couple of days, and decided to come back later, (w/card and rest of copay) for the rest.

Saw a One Touch Ultra 2, (while waiting at the pharmacy). It's Lifescan's newest attempt at combining Ultrasmart features(graphs, etc) into an Ultra. It looks a little bigger then an Ultra- but it has the same shape. Looked interesting, I may get one (if it's smaller then an Ultrasmart). Before the Ultrasmart research studies begun, I was a Ultra fan(and I will go back to them, at the end of the studies, if nothing better comes along)


Ellen said...

Happy Cake Eating!!!

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