Saturday, April 29, 2006

Famous PWD's


With the old Cozmo Case:

With the new Cozmo case: (that just came in the mail)

I can't decide which I like better- differance(s) between the cases include:

-Flap cover over screens(accidental bolus protection)
-Doesn't look completely "medical"
-Slightly smaller
-No plastic covering menu screen/ buttons (Ease of bolusing)
- Sturdier black clip, pump not so likely to "fall off" waistband
-Stiff, needs breaking in(obviously)

There's a new D-life video on Jason Johnson:

Elliott Yamin- Still in the running for American Idol!I've car-chalked my back windshield, to show my total support (until he wins...or gets kicked off) We're rootin' for you,Elliott! ( I would post a pic, but the rest of my car needs a good wash(it's not very photogenic)


Anonymous said...

Hi, i like them both. I have two cases for my accu chek spirit pump but i never can decide which one i like best. I don't think I ever will.

You said in your comment about hypo costs too. Damn I am so annoyed I forgot that. Plus I guess costs for back up insulin incase of a pump breakdown. Then there's postage and packaging.


Well, hope you decide on a case.

Vicki :)

Megan said...

I'm still waiting for my new case, but I think I like old better.

I wish they had a plastic holster clip thingy for the Cozmo, like they do for Minimed.