Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adventures in Bolusing

I don't like Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Cherry Coke, or any other carbonated, highly sugared, beverage.

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But pretty much anything Diet, I'll drink- be it Coke, Pepsi, or Brand X. It isn't the sugar angle(that has me discomforted), it just tastes WEIRD. I never treat my lows with soda, unless its the absolute only thing available. I'd sooner eat glucose paste( another totally yucky thing, in my humble opinion) then drink coke. Apparently, some PWD's don't feel this way- they'll actually drink regular, and bolus for it. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with this. (heck, I will happily bolus for a mixed drink) So it must be the sugar-carbonation combo ( take either one seperatly, and my taste buds have no problem with it) that throws my taste buds in a whirl.

So what could induce me to voluntarily drink a 20 oz bottle of Cherry Coke?
Coke's newest promo.

In every Coke-Pepsi-Mt.Dew promo, the coded caps come out first on the regular drinks. (As that's good marketing sense, most people drink regular) Several weeks later, the diet drinks get them. (Except the Diet Pepsi movie ticket promo-that's exclusively Diet)
But the updated Diet Coke products are at least a week away, from making their grand appearance. And I wanted to start saving points NOW.

So I bought a Cherry Coke, did a split combo(1/2 then, 1/2 over course of 2 hours, I drank it over 2.5 hrs) and checked my blood sugar every hour. I am not used to bolusing for soda, since I rarely drink it.
1 hr later- 209
2 hours later- 213
3 hours later- 210
Very consistant, at least. I did a corrective bolus, (as my stomach rapidly churned up acid) sucked on hard candies/bolused for hard candies, and swore I'd never do that again. Not even for a bottle cap. Not worth it.

There's been some changes with the BGAT study, I've got to do some more follow-up paperwork soon(instead of in a year). I'm really not that fond of paperwork... but they sent me another E-gift Certificate, ($50) so its ok.


Jen said...

There are a lot of things I still don't eat/drink even now that i'm on the pump. I never did get into pop of any sort. My theory is that I was diagnosed so young (22months) that my parents just never let me have it, so I never learned to like it. Syrup is the other big thing. I can not stand the regular stuff. And forget the real maple syrup. Gag me! I stick with my good old Carrie's sugar free syrup.

Anonymous said...

i hate the regular stuff. feels like your mouth is coated in sugar after drinking it. i'm so used to the diet stuff now. i don't see the point in having a bolus for the sake of it!!!

anyways, my favourite is pepsi max, like the caffiene fix...


julia said...

I hate soda and I don't have diabetes, so I can relate to this. Every time I do drink it, I feel like my teeth are coated in fuzzy, sticky little sweaters. Nasty. Olivia hates real soda, too, but she is her mother's daughter - she'd drink real maple syrup ("Not that flavoured corn syrup crap, mum!") straight out of the jug.