Friday, April 14, 2006

A Bunny a Day...

Keeps the glucose hoppin'!

I was fully intending to eat this 1-lb chunk of heaven on earth, before my youngest brother showed up, bearing gifts:

A complete 31 inch tv, dvd , and vhs system with an impressive sound system. It took some rearranging of my (already cramped) living room to get it all in.
Of course, there's a reason he is getting rid of it- end of summer, he's going to Naval boot camp (so he's getting rid of stuff now)
Then, he cleaned out my refridgerator (what he didn't eat, he threw away), discovered the chocolate bunny, and the rest is history. Oh well- there's always Post-Easter specials. (I'll find another one)

And then my sweetie sent this over:

Flowers for Easter!:-)

My insurance company has denied coverage for infusion sets, period. (and they are still holding to their 400 strip/3 month policy)
I am so frustrated- and confused. Who on earth do I appeal to? I can't appeal to my insurance company, they don't do prescription services anymore. Can't appeal to the prescription supplier- because they don't make the policies, they follow them.
So I called up Corporate Headquarters HR yesterday. They told me I had to file appeals with my local HR manager.
Hmmm, this is amazingly difficult. (even for an insurance fiasco)

Have a wonderful Easter, all.


Ellen said...

Nice gifts. Happy Easter.

Definitely pursue every avenue of appeal and don't give up. In the meantime, I have some comfort disconnect sets if you need them.

type1emt said...

Thanks for the offer..I'll email ya.

julia said...

What type of sets do you use? I have lots of extras, too - Silhouettes and Paradigm 715 reservoirs.

type1emt said...

I use Silhoettes/Comforts- I guess Paradigm Sils would still work with other pumps?(not the tubing connection, obviously, but the set part) I use the Deltec Cozmo. is my email..
You're an angel, thanks so much.