Monday, May 05, 2014

The Early Bird & The EI Therapy

In the 80's(and prior), the popular opinion of the day was that if you didn't worry about your kid's development,they'd eventually catch up with the others and turn out normal. (I'm still not sure this worked on me.)Not speaking till the age of 4? Your little Einstein is just thinking deep thoughts...just relax, Momma. 30 years later, we've progressed to Early Intervention Programs and nipping those problems right out of the womb,so kid turns out As Normal As Possible.
My child is almost 2.5 now..and he's been in EI for about 9 months. He isn't on par with the other kids his age,he speaks mostly in one word requests(while most kids are up to two) and he's a tad cognitively delayed. In the opinion of EI, it's because he's very,very opinionated on doing things his way and tuning the rest of the universe out.(which is typical toddler behavior, but they(toddlers) need to be engaged with their environment to learn and develop). So the trick is getting him interested in activities that help him learn. He has a very short attention span, (for anything other then the TV or iPad) and it makes it very challenging. The 80's policies would not work on him at all.(he needs intervention) My mom tells me not to worry,that he'll turn out just fine some kids just take longer to get it..and I know all that, but I can't just let it go,it's my job to see that he gets the best. He doesn't have autism,but it seems like he's in his own little world and he rarely comes into mine. (He engages with the environment and with people) I think the main reason it feels this way is the lack of communication,or just basic one-word,pull on clothing type gestures. I can see that he has made progress in the program,but I can't help but wish it were a little faster.(it's uncharted territory) The Behavioral Therapist is in the same boat..learning along with me. He can be in this program until the age of 3,then the school district takes over.(another can of worms..this child cannot sit in a preschool/follow direction,no way.) And I don't think putting a high-strung 3 yo in a classroom situation is the right thing to do.(too early) but he needs intervention,and perhaps the state is the only one who can provide those one on one services. I grew up in a world of freedom,a world where you could run off all that energy in the backyard..and do the schoolwork a little later.(I was homeschooled with my siblings) But it feels different when you just have one child,they have all your attention & you want to see that they get the best.(I don't know what educational pathway that will take yet..I just don't know if I could do an adequate job homeschooling a special needs child.)

(My handsome boy in his Easter suit.)

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Colleen said...

It takes patience to raise children, lots and lots of it. And amusingly, they hardly ever do exactly what we think they're going to do.
You're doing the right things for him so he's lucky!

asskeeper said...

I volunteered at a school and my nephews all went through the Pre school or public school does work. The pre school he would go to will work on his issues and work to get him engaged really. I bet you will be shocked.

katy said...

From what I observed of the EI program for little kids (held inside our elementary school)---they do NOT sit still! They have all of these giant balls and crazy giant-wheel roller skates, rings hanging from the ceiling for---trapeze work?!--and might be paradise! Soon some of that 1980's evening-out will start to kick in as well. I'm sorry it's so hard.

He's adorable!