Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Endo & the Gastro

I saw both today. The Gastro spent time berating on my lack of good control (I don't really care,he doesn't know anything about type 1) and said the plan of action is to run a stool study(yay,poop collecting!) and a colonoscopy to make sure things look to be normal /not inflamed down there.(slated for middle of May) This is not a test that I ever envisioned myself having before the age of 50,but if it clears up the mystery of the magnesium problems I'll do it. The stool study will measure my pancreas enzymes.(or lack thereof)

A few hours after that, I hopped on over to my Endos office. She is going off on surgical leave and won't be back till that's kind of sad.Last time she was off on maternity leave was 4-5 years's been awhile. The back up Endo I just didn't connect with. Anyway,we discussed all that was going on with my health...and my thyroid/Vit.D issues. I want to switch to the Armour brand of thyroid pills but she wanted to get another thyroid level (and ensure that you can't take it during worries there) before she switches me.(I am really bad about taking pills, and I don't take it every single day like I'm supposed to.) Reviewed my abysmal CGM graphs.(new goal: AVOID (daily) 300's IF YOU CAN) and I kinda sorta got the "you need to be more aggressive about have a CGM and it will tell you if you are going low" talk. And I know that, but I hate lows,and one low is one too many. I've become that person for whom 80 is the end of the Universe and suck city for the next hour. It's hard to make yourself embrace the crappy hypo feelings all over again..and yet that is "control." But I am back on this band wagon and I am going to try to do better.A1c I have to get done at the's not covered by insurance at the office. I really feel like my Endo covered all the basics a lot going on my life and she addressed all my concerns. It was a good appointment. As far as my magnesium,it's been steady w/weekly infusions.(it even went up last week!!) So far,they have found veins to infuse..and I am grateful for that.(hoping that I can increase the amount of time between infusions to help my veins heal for the next go-around and that a port won't be necessary.)

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