Saturday, May 10, 2014

The First Mothers Day

Mothers Day, 2011.

As I stared into the church rafters that day, I wondered if I,indeed,would be joining those ranks soon. It was a melancholy sort of feeling..and an intense one,to boot. But it was far too early for even a blood test. I could hear the words of my Endocrinologist echoing in my brain..and she was of the opinion that this was it..time to batten down the blood sugar hatches. She would prove to be right.

Five days later, my world shifted on its axis ("hello,yes,you are pregnant")and every "am I or aren't I" symptom hit with a bang. (At 28 days) My little blastocyst lost no time in announcing his likes/dislikes to the world. (Most bizarre symptom:everything tasted metallic from weeks 6-9)At 7 weeks,an infected groin lymph node necessitated taking antibiotics for several weeks.(oh how glad I was that it wasn't appendicitis or a miscarriage) First trimester weirdness soon smoothed out to stability for the rest of the pregnancy.

Mothers Day,2014. I'm so glad to be his Mommy!! and that he's healthy!!

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