Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summa Time

Most years involve some sort of surgery/body organ failure. (It's just how I roll, apparently) In 2012 it was my thyroid(6 months post C-Section). Nothing in 2011. In 2010, it was ulnar nerve surgery on my left arm,& the year before that I think was the Tonsillectomy. And the year before that I had an intestinal intussesseption & spent the later part of the year A.twice in the hospital and B.getting magnesium 2-3x a week.

So it comes as no surprise to me that something else has popped up. I've had lower right abdominal pain issues for a month...and my doc sent me in for a CT scan with contrast die. The results of that were extremely enlightening(per radiologist: "You have a really,really,tiny pancreas. I mean, it's barely there. Were you born with this?"/no, and now you're saying that my pancreas is literally disappearing and one day I might have to take digestive enzymes as well as insulin? My Endocrinologist has since reassured me that as long as "it" looks normal/not Dierrea'esque it's probably not disappearing(exocrine function intact) & she'll do some more research on that) Primary Care wise, it showed a cyst. So it was a referral off to the OB-GYN who did a ultrasound and confirmed the and go back to pcp if pain does not resolve. Gave it two weeks, & went back to my pcp. My pcp orders an a full abdominal ultrasound which then showed that the cyst had gone (from what they could side was still rather unclear)but I have "sludge" in my gallbladder.
The next step is a HIDA scan.(which tests gallbladder function)(nuclear medicine) These require fasting at at least 4 hours in advance, & laying on a cold hard table for an hour while they take pics. That's scheduled for next Monday, provided nothing happens between now and then.

All things considered,as long as it doesn't mess up my Florida plans I can live with it. I still have all my "useless" organs(ie gallbladder, appendix,spleen) and if getting it out is required, well there could be alot worse scenarios.(just don't tell me that it has to come out eminently because I need this vacation) Being female,having D,being 30-40,and having had a baby pretty much
shoes you in for gallbladder issues.
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Scott K. Johnson said...

Sheesh! That doesn't sound fun. Hopefully everything stays good for you through Florida, then you can get all fixed up and pain free!