Friday, June 14, 2013

My Sugr: A Diabetes App Review

Several weeks ago, I got the chance to try out the My Sugr app (for a comprehensive review, you can read Scott's over at Scott's Diabetes) . Anyway, I'm fairly certain that the entire DOC knows about it at this point but these are just a few of my thoughts. The basic version is free, & that's currently what I'm using. (no one payed me for review of this app, all thoughts are my own)

Coming into this, I wasn't sure what to expect..diabetes apps seem to be a dime a dozen & none of them have really changed how I feel about logging.( HATE IT) I've always found paper logs to be more helpful then current apps.(at least, my Endo's spreadsheet log is. Very comprehensive. Only problem is, it's not exactly little &'s an entire page for just one day. And over time? Forgitaboutit, not easy to discern patterns. But my Endo & CDE both dislike the Omnipod program that's usually the path I go down when there is a major bg issue) But hey,why not? It just might not be like all the rest.

The first step was to name my diabetes monster. I christened mine "Sinbad the CGM" because that's the name of my Dexcom, & because I'm singerally short on good device names these days.

Sinbad & I were soon ready for action...I tapped the "+" symbol to make a new entry.



Picture(you can use ths for food, etc...anything you want to remember for later use)

Blood Glucose


Bolus (additional area to type specific foods)

Temp basal

Activity(ranging 15 min-12 hours, additional area to type activity description)


36 icons to "tag" activity..ranging from meal related to illness,work,alcohol, etc. can use multiple tags.

Each of the above activities adds points to your point pile, which you can use to try out the Pro Version for a few days. There are also challenges that you can take, mostly involving exercise, that will get you a day or so of Pro. I think this is a good idea, because I'd want to try something out before I bought it.(the Pro Version, that is) To my knowledge, you have to have pro before you can import/export your data.The challenges give you vouchers for the Pro version.

This is what the home screen looks like. (it's a good summary at a glance screen)

Sidebar Navigator:

Logbook breaks everything down, day-by-day,in a color-coded (for exercise,carbs,insulin,etc) format

Analysis gives bg averages for 24 hrs,7 days,and 14 days.(as well as for each month)

In reports,you can export the info to your kindle app/iBooks/email/print. This is only an Apple app at this point,though they are working on an Android app.


Overall, I like this app. I would like to see bg ranges(adjustable for time of day, not just one flat range). I'd also like to be able to plug my basal rates into the settings & have that remembered, as that generally doesn't change on a day-to-day basis & it's a pain to keep entering that. The Pro version would really motivate me to buy it if it contained secret challenges that would give periodic Amazon gift certificate rewards.(yes, I'd pay extra for that element of surprise) I don't enter all my info,or those graphs would look significantly different(I'm really lazy) but hands down,this app trumps paper logs.(if used in the manner intended)


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Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for the review, Heidi. Those are great ideas and good feedback.