Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Bucket List

Here's a few of the things I'd love to see happen in this life of mine...

1. Win the lottery. (oh, wait, that will never happen? well, a girl can dream. If I won the lottery, I'd set up a foundation for D-peeps to get needed supplies(test strips,insulin, glucagon, syringes, type 2 meds, etc.) I'd also take a longgggg trip around the world & perhaps buy a yacht to live on for the rest of our days) And I'd help my parents, sibs,family, and friends out. (financially)

2. Go to an Olympics. (opening ceremonies through closing ceremonies) I imagine that is pretty cool.

3. Finish the RN degree, finish the bachelors, finish the Masters.

4. Have another child.

5. Participate in more Artificial Pancreas research studies.

6. Travel. (see also: #1)

7. Perform an impromptu concert on UVA's grand piano (at the medical center).

8. Be in The Doctors/Ellen DeGeneres tv audience.

9. Be on Jeopardy game show. (live)

10. Live to a ripe old age. Although I'm not sure I want to live too long because at some point my husband would not outlive me (13 years age diff) and that is going to be awfully lonely. I want to go together. So, about to the age of 88.

11. Run a marathon. (yeahhhhhhhh...that one won't be happening anytime soon)

12. Get a puppy, and some gold fish. (and perhaps other pets that aren't cat un-friendly) Our cats are getting old though.

13. Move back to Virginia,(retirement?) get a rustic cabin (but not too far from civilization) and stock it to be prepared for any national disaster.

14. Volunteer at a diabetes camp.

15. Learn to quilt/knit/crochet.

16. Learn proficient Spanish.

and the last thing on my bucket list?

See a cure for type 1 diabetes come to pass, preferably applicable to me. I have a whole other bucket list reserved for THAT occurance, mostly involving foods that test out the realness of that cure.
Baby steps, though. (I'd take an artificial pancreas in the absence of that cure)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list, H! I actually think a good bunch of these are very doable for you! Go, H, Go! :-)