Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Problem With 80

The problem with 80,they say
Is more, that it stays not that way.
It soon starts to drop
And more eating of glop
Is repeated oft times in a day.

I personally have no problem with an 80, or even upper 70's, but as it creeps down into the lower 70's it gets into my cranky zone & I start feeling low. My Endo can't understand this ("You aren't low. You're just too high most of the time.") implying that I should just suck it up & embrace it for all it's worth,& one day it won't feel so bad.

My Endo does NOT have diabetes. I can't tell my body to love a 71,(which,with the strip margarin of error is probably more like 64) and when I'm dropping, I feel it. And with anything in the 70's, the odds are 100% that I will drop(be it on basal alone) Yeah,my blood sugars are quite a bit more stable these days and my goal is to be near 100,but I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable with upper 60's/lower 70's. I'm glad that I feel my lows(quite well) but numbers like that seem to me to be flirting with fate.(raises hand,been there,got the tshirt)

Yeah, me and the Endo have an oil and water relationship these days..I sometimes think she wants me dead. I don't intend to go from a low though,and as previously mentioned,I think she's from the Land of Textbookidemia & isn't really listening to my point of things(hypos KILL too). I mean, I've only been doing this for 12.5 years(longer then she's been practicing) I think the fact that I don't eat the kitchen sink (treating with the minimal amount of carbs) shows that I have improved in that regard.

Anyone else have an exasperating Endo?(She's good,she's just driving up the wall)

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Simon said...

I hear you Heidi
80 is such a loaded number as is the issue of what is most comfortable. I try to live between 70-85 as much as possible. Whilst it is an ultra fine line especially around the mid 70s, that is at least my goal. Personally I am most comfortable and feel at my best when I'm around 150 or so.
As with so much of d management at least from my perspective, it is a continual trade off between what is best and what is comfortable....I know it wears me down thinking about it.
Thanks for another fantastic post, ( I'm really hoping to catch up in person later this year)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude. I'm a nervous wreck at 70 anything!