Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Things

I'm well aware that I flunked out of #Dblogweek, but I'm still going to do this final post as a sort of combination of the last three posts that I missed.Awesome things plus Snapshots plus deep and profound thoughts.

#1 Friday was the final day of nursing school..and the big Nursing Convocation.Passed my final exam with an 88(and how that happened,I dunno,because it was so hard I was only sure about 65% of it),earning me a B for the course(and an A&B for the other courses). It felt quite odd to be done,and smooshed into an auditorium with hundreds of other 1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th Semester students. But it felt good too,for as hard as 2nd Semester is reported to be,with the first semester under our belts we can take on the world now.It almost felt like we should be tossing hats up in the air(along with the graduating class),we made it.(stupid,I know,but it feels like I've been in school forever!) And then(after the various awards,etc.) there was cake,and punch,and a subsequent spiking of bgs to undesirable levels...goodbye,school!

2. Blood sugars can be beautiful. Unfortunately, the effects of Tylenol upon a Dexcom sensor are disastrous,& the effects on consecutive days makes you wonder why you're even bothering. So I'm not going to show you a nice,flat, Dexcom line(because quite frankly, I don't have any) but stable blood sugars are a wonderful thing.(not that I even have that,but I'm trying)

3. My last a1c was down by 0.2.And considering that the "cheat" one I had done(my Endo never knew about) was up by a good 1.1, I consider the fact that I dropped that sucker a good 1.3 in a month's time nothing short of miraculous.Nursing school is the dearth of good control.

4. Summertime, much to do,& so little time!Two major trips next month,& I'm sure August will be here before I know it.And September.
(yikes,I'm old) My to-do list is a mile long,& I hope to make a sizable dent in it.

5. All of you awesome people in the diabetes blog'o'sphere (and offline,online). It was great reading (some of) the #dblogweek posts.(what I could get to)


(and the best is yet to come!)

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Mike said...

Nice 'summary' post :) Glad your exams went so well. School's out! Wooooooooooooo hoooooo!

Simon said...

The best is yet to come....what more needs to be said

Scott K. Johnson said...


Karen G said...

No worries, there is no such thing as flunking out of DBlog Week!! :)

Congrats on your final!!