Monday, May 09, 2011


I had a horrible night, a night(or rather,weekend) of nonstop horribly high blood glucoses. Most in the mid 300's,and the rest in the 200's. Changed pump setup,took five million impact. I know I have ketones,& quite frankly despite living off non-caloric liquids I still feel like if I started to vomit, I wouldn't stop. So,at 7:30 this morning, I switched to yet another vial...waiting to see if an injection of that actually did any good on my 298 blood sugar. It was like magic,an hour later I was 218 so I ate a very light snack,changed out,& bolused for that. Nerves were high was the morning of Student Evaluations & we met at the Barnes & Noble (coffee nook)to get it done. I was number 5/7,so there was plenty of time to think the worst. So my clinical instructor told me my presentation grade(51/60,which was better then I thought) & her form on me as a whole(I need to talk more,which was kind of irritating,just because I don't run my mouth 24/7 it's some sort of character flaw?it's just not me,it doesn't mean I don't talk enough.I think I went above & beyond the call of duty in that regard) Told me I was very honest(which I take to be a good thing) & overall, I was a good student. So that went ok...all things considering. Blood Sugar post anxiety-trip was 176,& I promptly went out & stepped on the freshly-painted curb,smearing my tennis shoe in a bright yellow blob.(There were no signs,just some guy telling me after the fact what I'd just done.Lovely) Stomach still feels like a bundle of worms,& throat is still dry as the Sahara but I hope that at least I can get back to some semblance of control.(at least it's under 200)

Now to study for final exams.

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