Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Pre and post CWD conferance,I spent some time at Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios. It was extremely hot & crowded,bit everything I wanted to see/do, I accomplished.(thanks in part,to friends with the equivalent of fast passes.)
Butterbeer,while being insanely delicious,proved impossible to bolus for.Despite the fact that it was at least 60+ carbs(an icy,cream soda-ish concoction) I ended up scraping hypoglycemic bottom 3 hours after both times that I had it.I swear it was like it had negative 60,because I really only corrected for the high.(insulin plus walking equals insane dropping power though) It was very,very worth it though.(would be that I could treat lows with that for the next billion years!)

(Ollianders and the Owl Post had lines of 1-2 hours to get into..and they were just shops.The main HP ride was more like 2-4 hours,& the entire area was so jam packed one could barely breathe)

The Forbidden Journey ride was excellent.(albeit on the wild side of things)I don't like rollarcoasters,so I skipped the other ride.

I did manage to squeeze in le candy shop,where I acquired Every Flavor Beans,Fudge Flies and a Sugar Quill.(somehow appealing to my hyperglycemic state,it was like my body CRAVED DKA) I did not eat them,because I wanted something to bring home to my husband.I thought about stuffing sugar in my mouth.(the urges of D can be totally senseless) It was like one of those diabetes myths about diabetics alternately craving/killing themselves on a sugar overdose.As I'd had my treat,(and bolused)I resisted the urge to eat even more.It is hard though,when there are fat & happy non-diabetics all around you eating precisely what they wanted.At that moment,I just wanted a normal pancreas...a normal pigout.

Unfortunatly,there were no stamped penny machines & no time to go on the ride a second the journey ended there.(hastened along by the impending rain/no cover) It was pretty cool though,& definatly something I'd recommend if you are a HP fan.(& are in/around Orlando)

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meanderings said...

Sure looks like a fun place. I liked seeing your photos!

Cara said...

I'm so jealous! Someday I will go. It just may be a few years. LOL I'm going to wait for it to calm down some. :P